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After about 3 weeks your clients should return for their first maintenance appointment. You will need to use your own judgement to decide on the best products to use according to the condition of each client’s nails. As a general rule if the nails need major rebalancing/ apex repositioning use Perfect Builder or Cross Link but if in a reasonable condition use Flexi or Diamond Gel. Apply usual cleansing routine.

  1. Buff down nails ensuring any lose product id removed using a 100/180 grit file and push back cuticles. Pay close attention to any side lifting and note any problems.
  2. If doing a French Manicure and the white needs reapplying ensure product at free edge is really thin. You will need to take away at least 90% of the old white so that you do not get shading. Cleanse
  3. Repeat steps in full set from 2-7
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