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  • DEFIANZE is an innovative Gel System that,when used correctly achieves outstanding results with longevity. Play with the gels to see what you are happiest with .You need to find out how each one applies and how it feels . Experiment!!!!
  • If you have ANY questions at all then please drop us an e mail . We are here to give you any help that you need .
  • Any new system will feel strange at first but once you get used to how DEFIANZE works you will get magnificent results and your customers will be delighted with their look and how they last
  • Brush stroke must be VERY light. Hardly any pressure is used when applying gels. Do not pat. Strokes are more like ‘frosting a cake’. If you are an acrylic user you may find this more difficult at first.Practice makes perfect!
  • All DEFIANZE gels are compatible with each other and can therefore be mixed and matched.
  • Gels will adhere to either a dispersion layer or a filed one
  • Gels will be affected by temperatures . Too hot and they will become runny , too cold and they will ‘stiffen’. Work in good room temperature If you find the builder gels are too thick for you to work with then warm gently and this will make them more pliable .Top Tip – Wrap gel jar in towel while doing prep work to warm
  • Try not to disturb the gels too much in their pots as this will encourage air bubbles
  • Do not touch surface of nails after cleansing as this will place oils on nail plate and product will not adhere as well.
  • Apply all white products thinner.
  • Cap the free edge of nail on each application
  • Ensure no product touches side walls or cuticles as this will cause lifting.
  • To minimise any heat spike that may be felt by your clients during the application of builder gels .Ensure that layers are not too thick After applying product put hand into lamp for a count of three then remove from lamp for a count of 3/4 . Repeat this 4/5 times but ensure that product is cured for the recommended time
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