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DEFIANZE Gel Polish Application

Defianze Gel Polish can be applied to a natural nail or enhancement surface that is clean, free of dust, oils and contaminants. If the surface is a natural nail Defianze Superbond should be applied prior to the application of the Gel Polish. If the Gel Polish is to be applied to an enhancement, then the surface should be buffed to remove all shine and cleansed. After Defianze Gel Polish is applied; cure the colour in the curing lamp for the recommended period of time. Ensure pots are kept out of direct sunlight/daylight.


  • Ensure that the gel polish jar is left to stand upright after delivery for a short while to allow the gel to settle before opening
  • Open jar very carefully the first time especially the protective white cover inside jar.
  • Stir ALL gel colours WELL before use – Glitter in Glitter gels especially may settle to the bottom
  • Defianze Colour is a buff off colour . If soak off is required see Rebel instructions


1. Cleanse the natural nail or enhancement if applied .

2. File to shape ( if over enhancement ) or buff the shine off of the nail ( if over natural nail )with a 240 grit file

3. Cleanse the nail

4. – NATURAL NAIL Apply Defianze Superbond to the surface of the natural nail and allow to air dry for 30 seconds AND/OR apply base gel/ cure for 2 min For strength after applying Superbond apply layer of Flexi Gel Natural or clear .( This is recommended because this is a buff of colour but is not needed when doing toes ) Wipe sticky layer then buff to shape, cleanse  and continue to step 6

5. OVER ENHANCEMENT – Go from step 3 to step 6

6. Apply your chosen colour thinly to the nail and cure for recommended time depending on if you have used one of our LED or UV colours  Be sure to ‘cap’ the free edge of the gel

7. Apply second coat of colour if required directly onto the first layer- Do NOT wipe off the sticky layer. Again do not apply too thick.

8. Cure second layer for recommended time

9. Remove the hand from the light DO NOT WIPE AFTER 2ND COAT OF COLOUR

10. Apply Defianze Top Gel Clear or Rebel Top Shine directly onto the second coat of Gel Polish

11. Cure for 2 mins, remove hand and wipe dispersion layer

12. Apply cuticle oil

Rebel Soak Off Gel Polish

REBEL is a soak uv  off gel polish suitable for use over natural nails or any enhancement system. It is not suitable for direct use over weak or splitting nails. If a stronger enhancement is required then use our Defianze Flexi Gel

Before using gently roll the bottle between palms of hands to ensure pigments are thoroughly mixed

  • For natural nails complete all usual prep for cuticles ect then gently remove the shine from entire surface of nails using a 240grit file.
  • Cleanse the nail
  • Apply Bond Aid sparingly ONLY if needed on customers prone to lifting . Allow to air dry
  • Apply Base gel thinly and cure for 2 mins
  • Remove hand from lamp and apply first coat off chosen colour. It is very important when applying to make sure your brush strokes are very light. This will ensure the best coverage and may take a little practise
  • Cure for 2 mins in 36w UV lamp
  • Apply second coat directly onto the first coat and cure for 2 mins
  • Remove hand and apply thin coat of REBEL top coat . Cure for two mins
  • Remove hand from lamp , wipe dispersion layer and apply cuticle oil


  • After applying all enhancement products shape and refine ready for the REBEL  colour . Cleanse nail
  • Apply first coat of REBEL colour directly onto the cleansed enhancement then continue with steps above

Most colours will cover in two coats but in some cases three coats may be required and in other cases only one coat will be needed . This will vary from colour to colour according to pigments


Go over the entire surface of each nail with a file to break seal . Apply remover to the Magis pad and wrap each nail tightly . Allow to penetrate for 15/20 mins .( Heated mitts will reduce the soak off time and is recommended for faster removal. If these are not available then a heated wheat bag would be sufficient and add to the ‘pampering’ feel of treatment.)

After required time if mitts or bag are used remove then one finger at a time hold nail firmly and ‘rock’ the wrap from side to side then with a firm forward motion remove wrap . Any remaining colour can just be gently removed with a plastic pusher.

Apply cuticle oil to nails.

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