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  1. Prepare nails and apply tips/forms/cleanse
  2. Apply Superbond sparingly and let airdry for 1 min. Make sure the Superbond is completely dry before continuing to next step.
  3. Apply base gel thinly to all nails and ‘work’ into the nail well ( not needed if using Perfect Builder  but you can if you wish ) and cure for 2 mins ( you may find the white applies better if you do not take to smile line. ( Experiment what you prefer )
  4. Take a bead of preferred product for french and place at smile line.Tease product gently to shape ensuring product is fairly thin from one side of the smile line to the other . Then with very quick light strokes use your brush from the smile line to free edge across nail from one side to other . Allow white to settle and inspect. Apply only to thumb on one hand . Wipe brush clean and use smooth stroke to perfect smile lines. Freeze cure for 30secs while doing the thumb on second hand Freeze cure 2nd thumb .Now do all four fingers on first hand and cure whole hand for 3 mins .(Depending on which white you are using you may prefer to do only one nail at a time and freeze cure each one swapping hands each time ) Repeat on second hand.
  5. Apply a THIN layer or your chosen builder all over the nail evenly Ensure product is thin at cuticle and side walls and is evenly placed. Cure for recommended time
  6. Apply a bead of your chosen builder at the stress area and working lightly with your brush apply all over ensuring flush and thin at cuticle area and tapering to the free edge .To minimise any heat spike put hands in for count of one and out for count of one . Do this a few times but ensure the nails have been cured for at least their full recommended time
  7. Wipe off dispersion layer. Using a 180 file shape and smooth nail until you are quite happy with appearance.Dust off well with a brush and then cleanse the nail ensuring nails are completely dry before continuing with top gel or colour gel
  8. Apply your chosen top gel -Clear or Pink. . Cure for 2 mins. Wipe sticky layer
  9. Apply cuticle oil and massage in.
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